Cardio Workout

Benefits of Cardio Workouts:

Your heart, like your biceps and hamstrings, is a muscle that grows stronger with exercise. This pyramid cardio session, which involves powerwalking and running, is designed to increase dramatically your heart's pumping power and to lower your resting heart rate(a sign of fitness). You won't be able to see the effects on the inside but you will be able to feel them- you will be able to move faster, and for longer, and will have greater get-up-and-go on a daily basis. A stronger heart is more efficient at delivering oxygen to every cell in your body, leading to increased energy levels.

This workout is also a great fat-burner, burning 200-400 calories. You can tone muscles all you want but if they're still covered in excess fat no one is going to see the body beautiful underneath! When you have finished the routine, your body will fight to stabilize itself through the process of homeostasis which uses energy derived from the fat to fuel the process.

This cardio session is based on running because I find it one of the best workouts around. It works all muscles of the body simultaneously and you can do it anywhere in the world, to any level. I love it for another reason as well- running gives people great thinking time. My clients find it clears the head, and banishes pentup emotions- whether you need to laugh, cry or burn off the day's aggression, you can do it all on a run without people noticing! If you like you may swim, cycle or use a rowing machine for this session if you have good enough technique and a particular reason for wanting to do so, but, at the end of the day, I strongly advise you to run. It burns fat, tones the whole body and will get results- fast!

Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

The Heart is the most important muscle in the body. Here are some of the knock-on effects of greater cardiovascular fitness on your health:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Lower cholesterol levels.
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Decreased body fat.
  • Lower risk of diabetes.

So, after we have already known lots of benefits of cardio workouts, lets start performing workouts. But before that lets do some Warm Up exercises, to get our muscles in motion and relieve us from getting any mucle streches or aches.


Time: 5 Minutes

Powerwalk or jog for 5 minutes.

Below are Step by Step Guide to Performing various Cardio Workouts:

How to Pyramid Train? - Tips about how to perform pyramid workouts.

Monitoring Rate of Perceived Exertion: Rate of Monitoring your rate of Perceived Exertion while doing Cardio Workouts.

Pyramid Cardio - Tips for pyramid workouts for cardio training.

Powerwalking - How to powerwalk?

After you finish off performing the above exercises:


Time: 5 minutes

Powerwalk or jog for 5 minutes.


Time: 5 minutes

Do the 5-minute full-body stretch.

Tip: How fast you can go at the same rate of PE depends on your fitness and it also varies from day to day- running up the same hill can feel like level 6 one day and level 8 the next. This doesn't matter. What's important is to keep working at the same perceived intensity.

Total Time for Performing Cardio Workouts : 35 minutes.